Mommy blogs are inspiring and impactful to everyone...not just mommys!

It shouldn’t come to any shock to you that I’m not a mommy and am not planning on being one for a very long time. However, despite this fact, I have come to love one very specific niche of the blogosphere — mommy blogs. This phrase can bring about many feelings, but I am a huge fan of mommy blogs…for many reasons. Let’s talk about the many reasons to love mommy blogs, shall we?


When I first started reading mommy blogs, I was baffled at the fact that they shared their birth stories on the Internet…the horror! But after reading a few, I was totally hooked! I find these birth stories to be super interesting and I have learned so much about giving birth that I never knew! Although the thought of giving birth is kind of a scary one, I am thankful for the mommy bloggers who get down to the nitty-gritty about everything regarding motherhood and birth.


brothers laughing, children
Courtesy of Mandy Chiappini from A Sorta Fairytale Blog

Enough said.


Being a mom is one of my greatest goals in life and although it seems like motherhood is a far off, I know that it’s going to come sooner than I think. Reading about the lives of moms make me so excited about being able to hold and cuddle my own babies one day. Plus, I get all sorts of awesome ideas to use one day, like this adorable first and last day of school chalkboard!



Being honest about their imperfections is what makes certain mommy bloggers so irresistibly relatable. Sure, the issues that I’m facing right now aren’t quite in the realm of dirty diapers and temper tantrums at the bank, but I can definitely relate to not having it all together and feeling like a mess sometimes. I can’t help but feel connected to these mommy bloggers who accept that life is messy and not perfect. And I think we all can relate to that.


A Sorta Fairytale // Kelly’s Korner // Where My Heart Resides // Erin Akin Carroll // A Good Life

49 thoughts on “Why I Read Mommy Blogs (Even Though I’m Not a Mommy)

  1. I’m crazy about mommy blogs! I’m just starting out with this whole ‘adulthood’ thing and am nowhere near ready for a baby, but I love hearing about other people’s babies in the mean time!


  2. I seriously love this!! I follow a TON of moms on Instagram. My boyfriend and my mom think it’s so creepy but, honestly, it’s just refreshing to see motherhood portrayed so honestly. I also love seeing a cute kid on my feed every once in a while 😉


  3. Oh my gosh I love this! I check out mommy blogs from time to time too, but my main addiction is wedding blogs, and I’m nowhere near stable enough financially to think about marriage realistically! XD Found you over in the comments section at The Nectar Collective and I’m really glad I clicked over! Your blog is awesome.


  4. This is such a great post. I wish I would have read more mommy blogs before having my daughter. People in the real world don’t tell you the truth. They lie. Everyone told me having a baby would be this magical experience and I would just glow with radiance. What they didn’t tell me is morning sickness is actually all day sickness, going to the bathroom is a horror story, you’ll never look like you did before and breast feeding isn’t a joke. Blah but I can’t wait to do it all over again! If you want I have an awesome top 15 things post on post partum and what people don’t tell you. 🙂 Thanks for linking the up on Sunday Feature by Denise Designed!


  5. Linking up through Small Victories – Even though I’m a mom and it’s been a little more than a decade since my full-time student days, I forget that I have an influence outside of my immediate circle. I enjoyed this post!


  6. What a nice tribute to those of us bloggers, regardless of our chosen niche, who have kids and share about them. I’m happy to hear that things I say about being a mom and my experiences might be helpful to someone else 😉

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  7. Absolutely love this post! I am SO glad I’m not alone in this. I love a good mommy blog post too, and following the mommy bloggers + business owners on IG. It shows me that if I ever decide to have kids someday, I can make the whole mommy thing work with the business / entrepreneur thing. 😉

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  8. I feel you on this one…I’m not a mama yet but love reading all the stories of women in the trenches of motherhood! It’s encouraging to me to read their hearts and I’m excited to join their ranks one day! 🙂

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  9. Before I had a little one I followed all kinds of mommy blogs! I was a teacher and nanny and loved to see what parents were doing with their little ones. I feel it prepared me for life with a baby!

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  10. So good!! I have read mommy blogs for many years though my son is only 14 months. Parenting is tough. You definitely need to have a plan before Junior arrives. Mommy bloggers helped me to figure out that plan.


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