College is a time to meet new people. Some students love the opportunity to start fresh with a new group of friends, but others cringe at the thought of having to build new friendships from scratch. It’s totally normal to be nervous about approaching new people, especially during your first semester. Here are some times to help you break the ice with your new peers.

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Join a student organization you’re interested in.

I love student organizations because they bring together people with similar interests. You know that everyone in the room has at least that one interest in common. When you’re surrounded with people who are interested in something you’re also interested in, it will be much easier to start a conversation with them.

Notice things about your classmates.

Notice your classmates’ clothes, cell phone covers, and what they talk about. Does one of them have a Captain America phone case? If you happen to love Captain America, too, tell your classmate. Is he/she a dog lover? Ask them about their beloved pet! Don’t be scared to start up a conversation this way. I know I wouldn’t mind answering someone’s questions about Captain America or my dog!

Compliment someone.

Compliments never get old. People love hearing that their hair looks great or that they spoke well during their presentation. If you like something about them, tell them! You never know, with a simple compliment, you might have made this person’s day.

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Shyness can be a big barrier to making friends in college. It’s normal to be nervous when approaching a new group of people, but that nerve-wracking feeling doesn’t have to stop you from making friends. This semester, find something in common with a classmate, roommate, or someone from a student organization, and start a conversation about it! You never know, this person might turn out to be a great friend.

Aly is a biology student who is passionate about writing. Her blog, Welcome to Aly’s World, is a college lifestyle blog that focuses on helping fellow students improve themselves and their blogs. When she’s not blogging or studying, she’s probably reading, writing in a journal, listening to music, cuddling her dog, or watching a Marvel/Disney movie. You can find her on Twitter or Pinterest.

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