Common misconceptions about sororities!

Being in a sorority, we couldn’t imagine our college experience without the decision to go Greek. However, Greek Life usually has some negative connotations, and we are gonna share with you some common misconceptions about Greek Life.

1. Being in a sorority means you have to drink.

You wouldn’t believe how many people associate drinking with Greek Life, but just because you are in a sorority does not mean you have to drink. That is not what being in a sorority is about. In fact, sororities nationwide are considered dry, meaning that there is no alcohol permitted in the house or at any sorority functions. You’re not even allowed to wear your letters if you are drinking because it portrays the wrong image. The choice to go to parties and drink is all your own, and if any one of your sisters makes you feel like you have to drink, then you are not in the right sorority.

We both have many sisters who don’t drink, who still like going to fraternity parties with us and to happy hour. What many people forget is that many students drink because they are in college, not because of their Greek affiliation.

Joining a sorority is about committing to a lifelong sisterhood with a group of young women who have the same interests and goals as yourself, and if you want to join a sorority because of drinking you are not at all joining for the right reasons.

2. Joining a sorority will hurt you academically.

This could not be more untrue. Greek students have a higher overall average GPA than non-Greek students. You are required to have study hours and maintain a certain GPA to be in good standing.

Many of your sisters will be in your classes, which makes it very helpful come test time. Older sisters con offer advice about which professors to take, which can be extremely crucial to getting a good grade in the class because your professor can make you or break you. Having a bunch of sisters to help you with classes has been such a blessing. They also know a lot of information about where to go to find tutors on campus and the best places to study.

3. You pay for your friends.

Honestly, this is the one I find most absurd. You are not paying for friends, you are paying dues for a sisterhood that will pay you back in ways you could never imagine. The lessons, ideals, and community promoted in a sisterhood is like nothing else you will experience. You pay to join a group of girls just like yourself, and who inspire you to be the best woman you can be. The philanthropy, academic achievement, and loyalty to your sisterhood is what it is all about.

Your sorority will teach you a lot about yourself as well. One of the most important lessons we have learned is that you are always wearing your letters. This has been invaluable because it really teaches you to always present yourself as the classy young lady you are.

4. Only rich kids can afford it.

Despite what you might see on TV series or movies, not every sorority girl drives a Mercedes, and spends money like it’s no big deal. We are college students too. The cost for your national and chapter dues varies greatly between schools, but even at schools where Greek Life is huge, there are payment options to help you out. Dues can usually be installed in multiple payments, so one huge lump sum isn’t due at once. You can talk to the financial vice president of your sorority to talk about the different options there are. It is possible to pay for as a student!

Getting a part time job throughout the school year only working 10-20 hours a week can definitely help get the job done. Saving money over the summer is usually what works best for me.

5. People in Greek life don’t associate with people outside of Greek life.

College is the most chill environment in the world. Unlike high school people don’t care about stupid things that don’t matter. If they like you as a person they will be your friend no matter what you do.

I have many non-Greek friends who I hang out with often, and my sisters always include them in things we do. It is true that we might hang out with Greeks a lot just because we usually go to support each other’s philanthropy events and have similar interests, but I always make plans to hang out with my other friends as well. Don’t judge someone in Greek Life based on a preconceived notion of what you think they are like.

One of my good friends, who isn’t in a sorority, once told me “I hated sorority girls before I met you and your sisters.” When I asked her why she said they just seemed like they thought they were better, but she never had actually talked to them! If someone asks you if you’re in a sorority don’t think they are judging you if you say no, most girls are just curious!

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4 thoughts on “5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sororities

  1. This is a great post! I could not agree more with all of this – there are so many stereotypes associated with greek life that I wish would just go away so that people wouldn’t be as hesitant about it. I recently wrote a post about the benefits of joining a sorority. But anyway this was really well written! Keep up the great work!


  2. This is so great! I really wish I’d found this article sooner. I rushed/went through recruitment last minute (I signed up the day it started, I was so lucky Panhellenic let me) and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in college so far. My sorority sisters are not only some of my best friends, they’re also great influences. They’re involved with campus ministries, several service groups, they raise guide dogs for the blind, and even are on Homecoming Committee. I’ve never been surrounded by a strong group of women before, and it’s one of the best feelings in the world.


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