Top 10 online tools to help you write your college essays!

Are you struggling with essay writing? You are not alone. Everyone who has made an attempt in creating academic content knows how overwhelming this challenge is. Don’t worry; the Internet has a solution to every problem you face. In the continuation, you will discover the top 10 tools that will help you become a better essay writer.


You don’t need to follow many guides for essay writing; you just need one that will explain all rules you need to be aware of. With the help of this website, you will understand what each part of the essay is supposed to cover. Then, you can explore the tips for prewriting, writing, editing, and publishing academic content. In addition, you will learn to make a distinction between the different types of essays.


First of all, this website has a great blog that features educational news, infographics, and essay writing tips. However, it’s much more useful than that: you can hire real writers to assist you with any academic project you are struggling with. The talented experts will share their wisdom, so you’ll finally realize how awesome essays get written.


You cannot master grammar in a day. If you don’t make efforts to improve your knowledge of the English language, all your writing efforts will go in vain. At this website, you can access brief grammar lessons and quizzes that simplify the most complex aspects of grammar.


Creative writing doesn’t seem like a great challenge before you get in front of the computer and face the blank page. Sometimes you cannot think of any cool idea for the essay. This is the website that will help you reveal your inner wordsmith.


This free software will support you on the writing journey. With its help, you can easily rearrange sentences and paragraphs of your work. Write It Now supports thesaurus, spelling checker, cliche finder, readability checker and a storyline editor. In addition, it will enable you to set writing targets that will boost your motivation.


This is the most resourceful website that will help you understand the process of essay writing through all its stages. In addition, it features guides on several citation formats, so that aspect of your work will become much easier.


This website offers interactive online exercises that will guide you through the essay writing process. If you don’t want to bother reading tips on how to cover the pre-writing, writing, organizing, proofreading, and editing stages, start using this tool and you’ll get in-depth support on the go.


This is one of the most effective planning tools you can use before you get to the writing stage. It will help you come up with a thesis statement, arguments that will support it, and a structure that will result with focused content. Your professor will love the outcome!


This platform supports an online community of writers, who are always willing to discuss each other’s work. You don’t have to be an actual writer to join the website. You can join contests and activities, access different writing tools, or simply use your membership to share your work and benefit from the feedback of the other members.


This is a visual brainstorming tool that will inspire your mind to approach the essay writing task in a creative mode. You only need to choose a word, and WordStorm will create a map that links related words. This visual presentation of the concept will enable you to think of new ideas, so the brainstorming session will start without any effort.

When you put these tools to use, you’ll realize that essay writing is not as boring and difficult as you thought it was.

Robert Morris

Robert Morris is an online tutor, educator and writer from NYC.

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9 thoughts on “Top 10 Tools to Help You Write Papers Like a Boss

  1. Oh I wish I’d had these tips back when I was at uni!! I was OK at essays which is why I chose my course (it was all essays no exams!) but there were times when it was really hard to get my thoughts out and process them in the right way. I’ll have to pass this info onto my sister – she just started her teacher training course and is writing her first essay for about 15 years!! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


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  3. Thank you so much. I’m writing an essay for Honours English and I was so overwhelmed with where to start. I really appreciate people like you!


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