As a college student your schedule consists of going to lectures, study group sessions, sorority events, club activities, parties, and work. You’ve got a hectic schedule. Fitness is the last thing you think about when you’re busy juggling your priorities. There’s also no one to tell you to go to P.E. class or to join the school soccer team. This newfound freedom and independence to do whatever you want whenever you want is a blessing and a curse. It’s up to you to make time for exercise.

Looking for ways to stay fit while in college? Look no further for workouts to do in your dorm room and around campus!

How to Sneak in Exercise Throughout the Day

Take the long way

If time permits, try to walk around as much of the campus as possible. Avoid
shortcuts and take a couple extra steps to get to your next lecture. Try taking stairs instead of the elevator. Park further away from your class.

Take a study break

Even though it’s finals week, it’s important to give your brain a break and take a
quick walk outside. In fact, that lap outside your dorm-rooms can help you pass your next midterm since aerobic exercise boosts the size of your hippocampus, the brain area involved in verbal learning and memory.

Do exercises while binge-watching Netflix

The next time you’re hosting a Friends marathon in your dorm room, do 25 jumping jacks between each episode. Or instead of making it a drinking game whenever Joey says “How you doin?”, do 10 squats and make it a workout game. Pinterest has tons of workout guides to your favorite TV shows on Netflix that you can do in your dorm room!

Take a P.E. class

If you need those credits, choose a class you think would be fun. Exercise is much
better when you truly enjoy it and it doesn’t feel like a chore.

Where to Work Out in College

Campus Clubs

College campuses are one of the very few places where you can easily meet people who share similar fitness interests. You have access to so many clubs such as hiking, running, dancing, yoga, surfing, karate clubs. That level of support you get from club members helps you stay motivated to be fit.

Campus Gym

Most colleges set aside part of your tuition for the campus gym. Since you’re paying for it, you might as well use it! College gyms usually have the most up-to-date workout machines in the nicest facilities. Once you graduate you’ll notice that many gyms have machines still from the 90s and that their membership fees are astronomical. You are getting the best deals and service at your college gym.

Your Dorm

Your dorm room is the most convenient place for you to workout. You can exercise
right after getting up while still making it on time for your 9am class. If it’s too cold out you can stay inside and still exercise. If you have a late night class and feel insecure about walking to the gym at night, you can still do a routine in your dorm. Your dorm room can be your home gym.

Easy Workouts in Your Dorm Room

What You Need

Hand weights
Resistance Band
Yoga Mat
Laptop, Computer, Tablet (any device where you can stream YouTube workouts)
Small cleared of space (about the size of a yoga mat)

Exercise Ideas

Arms: Bicep curls, tricep extensions, upright rows, overhead presses, reverse flys, bent-over rows, lateral arm raises, chair dips, and incline push ups on bed
Legs and Butt: Squats, lunges, leg lifts, wall sits, side shuffle, kick backs
Abs: If you don’t have carpet in your dorm or if you need the extra padding, use a yoga mat and perform ab workouts like mountain climbers, crunches, flutter kicks, bicycles, leg raises, planks, and sit-ups.
Cardio: Jumping jacks, butt kicks, high knees, burpees, and mountain climbers

Just because you’re a college student doesn’t mean you have to fall victim to the Freshman 15. By eating nutritious foods and following these workout tips, you can be healthy and happy.


Nyssa Tan is a RN and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach dedicated to helping women achieve health and balance in their healthy lives. When she’s not busy coaching women, you can find her testing out new healthy recipes, exploring hiking trails, and writing away at her blog.


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