Human beings are naturally social creatures. We crave interaction with other humans so that we can survive. Friends fulfill this basic need for us! Unfortunately, we can find that some friendships are better than others. Today, we are often told that friendships are quantity over quality, but this should not be the case! One amazing friend can be worth 10 mediocre friends. When looking to make a new friend, here is a list of five things essential qualities that they should have, plus tips to help you become the best friend that you can be!

Good friends are hard to come by, but here's a few ways that you know you snagged a good one!

A good friend is selfless.

Look for a friend who is willing to put their issues aside to help you with yours. The person who will stay up all night crying with you just because you need to vent. They are the person who will laugh all night about nothing just because you need a good laugh after a long day.  Having someone who is willing to sympathize with you is a key quality in a friend. Take the time to listen to how your friends are feeling. Be the friend who will sit with them, listen to how the are feeling after a stressful day, laugh with them after they had a funny experience, or even be the shoulder that they need for a good cry.

A good friend has a sense of humor.

We all know those people that can make you laugh just by being in their presence. They make you feel like the funniest person in the world, because they understand you and your inside jokes. Sometimes, all that you need is to be in their presence to know that everything is going to be okay. Be yourself and let yourself have fun!

A good friend will challenge you, but also accepts you for who you are. 

A good friend would never stand and listen to anyone say a bad word about you. They know you inside and out, and accept your “flaws” as part of who you are. They love you for your silly habits and funny quirks.  Challenge your friends to be a better person, too, in leading by example. Strive to do things to a higher standard so they can be reach with you. Whether encouraging each other with through fitness goals, or doing little surprises for them; let them know you care!

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A good friend provides a support system.

They are always on your side, regardless of whether you are right or wrong. (But they will let you know when you are wrong!) This kind of friend will always back you up, not solely because you need it, but because they believe in you! It’s no fun to fly solo, and having someone to be by your side makes it a lot less lonely. If they are wrong, let them know but don’t make them feel abandoned. Doing things out of love fosters a meaningful friendship.

A good friend always comes from a place of love.  

It is important for a friend to always come from a place of unconditional love. Surround yourself with people who build you up with love and kindness. One of my favorite YouTube Beauty gurus, Jaclyn Hill, always says “you can say anything to anyone as long as you say it with love.” I believe in this wholeheartedly. If your friends does something that upsets you, tell them, but tell them with love. If they did something shady towards someone else, tell them. WITH LOVE. Having an open line of communication only enhances your relationship! Knowing you are being honest with someone and they are honest with you in return is important in building a friendship.

I hope that these 5 attributes of a good friend will help you to recognize how lucky you are to have your friends, and how lucky your friends are to have you! As the song goes: “I’ll be there for you, you’ll be there for me, too!”

12342621_10208175982300247_2495176853243654483_nHi I’m Bre & I’m a senior in college majoring in public relations. I began my blog for a class assignment and fell in love with the blogging experience. I am a massive Stephen King enthusiast (saying fan just doesn’t feel right, he’s above that.) I have 2 cups of coffee every morning and cannot function without it. I can safely say that I am an asset in Disney and Friends Trivia. Check out my blog and find me on Twitter!



7 thoughts on “5 Things That You Need in a Good Friend

  1. Not really sure how I haven’t commented on your blog yet…but I love what you’re doing here, Hope!
    I’ve been following you on Twitter/Pinterest for awhile, and I really admire your dedication to blogging. Your little space here on the Internet is filled with a lot of goodness, and it seems like you’re helping out a lot of young women.

    This post is no exception; everything here rings true. I’m so thankful for the beautiful friends I have in my life, and I believe each one has these qualities. (A sense of humor is SO. IMPORTANT.)

    Kudos to you + keep it up, girl!


  2. This is a great post! Definitely made a few friends pop in my mind while reading these qualities. It was also a great list to compare myself and help me become a better friend to those who’ve been a good friend to me. Thanks!


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