With the New Year just barely behind us, and our attempts at New Years Resolutions in full swing, you, like many others, might be looking to get fit and in shape this year. With Spring Break and wedding season just around the corner, now is your best opportunity to get in shape and be healthy! It can be hard to find the time and place to work out as a college student! I have put together a series of workouts that can be done at home to help you find motivation! For today’s post, we are focusing on the core.


Step 1: Planks

full plank

I have found that planks are the best way to tone your obliques (the muscles on your side). For this exercise, we will do three planks, one on each side and one in the center. Hold each position for one minute.

Step 2: Crunches

1 crunch

Crunches target your upper ab muscles and are an easy (and not painful) exercise. Place your hands behind your head, feet on the floor and knees bent, chin up, and perform 30 reps.

Step 3: Side Crunch

2 twist crunch

In the same position as before, twist your arms to the side while you do 30 crunches to the left, and 30 crunches to the right.

Step 4: One-side Bicycle

3 half bicycle 2

This exercise I call a one-side bicycle, and you will see the full “bicycle” exercise next. For this, you will keep your hands behind your head, and twist to one side, bringing your elbow and knee together. Do 30 reps to the left, and 30 reps to the right.

Step 5: Bicycle

4 full bicycle

This is one of the greatest all-over targets for your abs. You will have your hands behind your head, and legs bent. Twist your body so that your right leg and left arm meet, and then twist the other way so that your left leg and right arm meet. This counts as one rep. Do 30 reps total!

Step 6: Straight Leg Crunch

5 straight leg crunch

For this, you will be doing regular crunches like before, but with your legs extended in the air. Try to keep your knees locked and your feet straight up and perpendicular to the ground. Also perform 30 reps.

Step 7: Bent Leg Crunch

7 normal crunch

This crunch is similar to the crunches we did before, but your knees will be bent and form a 90 degree angle. Perform 30 reps.

Step 8: Flat Leg Crunch

8 flat leg crunch

For this exercise, perform 30 crunches with your legs flat on the floor. This exercise targets your lower abs.

Step 9: Leg Lifts

9 leg lift

This exercise also targets your lower abs, which are often the hardest to tone. Lay flat on the floor, with your hands under your glutes. Keeping straight legs, lift them up and back down slowly, and not letting them touch back to the ground. Perform 30 lifts.

By this point, I hope that you are feeling the burn! This means that you are one work out closer to a six pack! And the best part is, it only took ten minutes out of your day to do so. Don’t forget that it is most important to be healthy, not to simply be skinny. Work out to feel healthy and feel good, not necessarily with the intentions of losing weight or altering your body. Be sure to check back later for more workout tips and exercise circuits!

Makenzie-48 (2)

Kenzie is a contributor for The Young Hopeful. She is also currently a sophomore at Kansas State University, where she studies Apparel and Textile Marketing with minors in Business and Public Relations. She is involved with her sorority, Pi Beta Phi and various clubs and campus ministries. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, photography, eating brunch, blogging, shopping, and running. You can find Kenzie on her blog, Twitter, Instagram, and more!


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