Debating whether or not to join Greek life is common for incoming freshman, transfer students or upperclassmen looking to get involved on campus. As a sorority alumna, I can strongly advocate that Greek life has completely changed my life for the better. It gave me an opportunity to develop strong leadership skills, helped me obtain an amazing job and allowed me to meet some of my closest friends. If you are on the fence about joining the amazing Greek life community, check out some of the reasons below why you should give it a chance this semester!

Joining a sorority is a great way to get connected in college!
Courtesy of Penn State Gamma Phi Beta

Gain a Family

College can certainly be an adjustment from high school. It is the first time many of us are miles away from our family and loved ones. There is no better way of gaining a home away from home, than joining a sorority. From the moment you receive your bid, you are running into the open arms of your new sisters on bid day. Getting a bid from my sorority was one of the happiest days of my life! I love looking back at my all bid day photos – my smile is SO BIG! I knew from that day forward that I was going to have the best college support system. It is truly a magical experience to always have someone you can count on any time of the day, whether it be to grab a cup of coffee or help you on your midterm exams. Greek life provides the perfect opportunity to have an amazing support system throughout your college career.

Participate in 100 Year Old Traditions

Greek life has been around for over a hundred years! To say the least, there are a ton of old age traditions that you can be a part of. You will get your own little sister (S/O to my little bear, Deanna) and attend informative convention or leadership programs. You get to participate in initiation ceremonies and bid day – yay for new members! You have the chance to make your mark in your sorority’s history by taking on valuable leadership positions. You’ll also have your photograph appear on the yearly composite that lines the walls of your chapter house year after year. Being a part of traditions that have been going on for over a hundred years is pretty remarkable!

Network & Boost Your Resume

One of the most beneficial impacts of Greek life is the networking capabilities! Many Greek life organizations are nationally recognized. Being a part of this network gives you nationwide connections to almost every career field. Who knows, your new boss may even be your sorority sister! Greek life also hosts many career seminars for their collegiate students, giving you access to some of the best career advice! They also may bring in composite photographers that are skilled in taking head shots for your professional profile – talk about having a killer LinkedIn page.

Give Back to the Community

Every sorority and fraternity represents a certain philanthropy, both national and local. Each year, Greek Life donates an incredible amount of money back to the community! Not only are you benefiting the world around you, but you are also participating in super fun fundraisers. One of my favorites was Milk & Cookies – a fun and tasty event that allowed us to donate all the proceeds to our national philanthropy. Panhellenic and Interfraternity Council also host fundraisers – our Greek Week was a fun filled week of sporting events and fundraising for Make a Wish! Sororities, fraternities and Greek councils do an amazing job of giving back and volunteering around campus. If you’re looking for a fun way to make a difference – look no further!

Create Lifelong Memories

The one thing I can absolutely guarantee is the incredible amount of memories you will make during your time as an active member of Greek life. You will spend most of your days surrounded by your amazing Greek family creating memories that will surely last a lifetime. Some of my favorite memories from my time as an active sister was bid day, big-little reveal and staying up into the dead of night with my sisters. I can’t even count how many incredible memories I have! These people became my family and I will always carry a little piece of them with me.

Obviously there are many more reasons behind joining a Greek organization, I could go on and on about how amazing it is! College is short and goes by faster than you can imagine. I suggest taking the time to try new things and branch out on campus. Whether or not you choose to go Greek, I strongly recommend getting yourself out there and trying new things! Greek life is a really special opportunity and everyone should give it a chance – I promise you will not be disappointed!

Written by the staff at GreekYearbook


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