Being fit and keeping yourself healthy is a challenge, I know. Working out is even harder. First, you have to get motivated, then you have to wipe all of the chip crumbs from your fuzzy blanket, lace up your running shoes and, worst of all, you have to get to the gym.

Getting to the gym is always the most difficult part, the famous excuse that allows us to lay back in bed, shove a guilt-free handful of chips in our mouths, and press the play button on Netflix.

What do you do if you don’t have a gym membership? Or you don’t feel like getting up and driving to the gym?

Working out can be a pain, especially for college girls, but we have the perfect workout for your dorm room! Staying healthy in college has never been easier.

Well college girl, I have the perfect answer for you! I just spent the last four months cooped up in the world’s tiniest, most poorly designed apartment. I’m the kind of girl who loves to eat and relax, but also loves working out (I need it to release stress and keep me sane) and can’t go much longer than a week without a good workout. Luckily for you, all of my struggles and frustrations led me to create my own home workout that’s perfect for anywhere, even a closet-sized apartment.

All you need for my kick-ass at home workout is…

  • My E-book
  • Yoga mat
  • Running shoes
  • Timer
  • Music

If you’re ready to give up those “I don’t feel like driving to the gym” or “The gym is too expensive,” and find an at home workout that actually works; I challenge you to take on this workout!

You’re probably wondering how I made this workout!? Well, I will explain it to you! Let’s be real, I’m not a fitness guru. When I created my workout, I started with the basics. I hit all the major muscle groups (abs, arms, glutes, and legs.) I then separated these muscle groups into specific days. Each day has cardio broken into manageable time slots.

For example, I could do a minute of running in place, 45 seconds of mountain climbers, and 3 sets of 30 jumping jacks. Then I made a list of all the exercises I could do in a confined space (push-ups, squats, crunches), hopped on Pinterest for the plethora of ideas, and made workouts for each day that last about 25-30 minutes on average.

It’s important to note that you always want to switch up your workouts. You don’t want to be doing 50 crunches every single day or else your abdominal muscles will get used to it and you won’t be reaching your full potential. Because of this, I leave abs pretty open. I like to decide on that day what ab exercises to do so I don’t get stuck in a rut. Fridays I set apart for an “all-over” workout where I like to find a YouTube yoga workout that lasts about 30 minutes! There you have it – it’s that simple!


Incorporating more yoga into your daily workout routine is a must! I’ve fallen in love with two channels specifically, Yoga with Adrienne and Cathy Madeo Yoga. I have found that doing yoga, at least once a week helps my mood!

On Friday’s I like to incorporate yoga to create an hour of a manageable and no equipment necessary workout that makes you sweat and feel like an amazingly powerful woman afterward!

college life (3)

Ellen is Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 4.24.20 PM.pnga junior at Loyola University Maryland where she double majors in Spanish and Communications and specializes in public relations and advertising. She’s spent her entire junior year studying abroad, first in Spain, then in Argentina, where she’s improved her Spanish and learned a lot of valuable life lessons. Ellen loves working out, yelling at the TV during Newcastle United matches, cooking delicious food while listening to Dean Martin, laughing until she cries, and exploring herself and the world around her. You can follow her study abroad travels on her blog, her opinions and pictures of kittens on her Facebook, her health journey on her fitness Instagram, and her selfie-filled regular Instagram.



2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Workout for College Girls + Free Download!

  1. I tried the workout yesterday and oh boy, it was hard! I kept pushing myself and got through all 3 sets 😀 You did an amazing job and i would like to thank you. I will keep doing these throughout my whole year 🙂


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