Learning doesn’t have to be limited to the classroom. There are so many awesome resources out there for college students, but not everyone has the time to search for all of them, so we did all the hard work for you! We scoured the web to find you 10+ free e-books and e-courses to make your college experience a little bit easier.

We've gathered all of the best free e-books and e-courses for college students on the internet!


Mini Freshman Year Prep from Samantha of As Life Grows – Samantha shares how you can prepare for your freshman year with the wisdom and encouragement of an older sister!

Ultimate De-Stress Masterclass from Courtney of As We Stumble Along – It’s no secret that college is stressful…but it doesn’t have to be! Courtney has you covered with this ultimate course on how to de-stress in the midst of college.

9 Day Collegiate Cleanse E-Course from Misfit Alexa – In this course, Alexa will help you search for all the junk in your life so that you can make room for more positive things!

Master the Job Search Webinar from Brette Rowley – Brette’s webinar is perfect for those looking for a “big girl” job post graduation.

Spring into Self-Care from Sarah Steckler – Self-care in college is not easy, but Sarah makes it a little bit easier for those girls who are struggling to take care of themselves with this massive 20 day e-course!

Four Days of Free Finals Advice E-Course from Samantha of As Life Grows – This e-course is your perfect companion during finals week to learn how to deal with the stress and drama, all while making the grade!

Be a More Productive College Student in 7 Days from Tori of Chase the Write Dream – Tori will help you dive deeper not only into what it means to be productive, but HOW to make productivity work for you.


YOUR Awesome Goals by Emily Chaumont of Honeybee Joyous – Emily will teach you how to set goals and STICK to them with this free e-book!

Thriving, Not Just Surviving E-book by The Young Hopeful – From getting along with roommates to impressing your professors, I’ve got you covered in this 30+ page e-book!

How to Blossom in College by Lauren Douglass of Creatively Lauren – Expand out of your comfort zone and make the most of your college experience with How to Blossom in College! Get the e-book for college students, written by a college student.

36 Tips for Getting Focused & Getting Your Crap Together from Jasmin of Macaroons and Mascara – Need some tips on how to pry yourself from the TV long enough to get that eight-page paper done? This 15-page e-book has your back!

The Ultimate Guide to Managing School and Work from Desire Chanteuse – This guide offers tips on how to stay mentally and physically healthy while managing school and work.

We hope that you enjoy these free e-books and e-courses…we sure did!


3 thoughts on “10+ Free E-Courses & E-Books for College Students

  1. Love these! I’ve tried Tori’s course and Samantha’s Four Days of Free Final Advice course and loved them! I also really enjoyed Lauren’s ebook! And I just downloaded Thriving, Not Just Surviving. 🙂


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