Being a freshman in college can be pretty tough. I remember searching through Pinterest for hours trying to find the perfect dorm décor. Little did I know, half of the stuff I bought for my dorm room, I would never end up using! To this day, I still have pink bins full of excessive college dorm room décor sitting in my parents’ basement. It’s important that you buy the stuff you actually need – not just the cute stuff you happen to pass by in Target!

If you’re anything like me, one of your ultimate goals will be staying active and healthy while you’re in college. Avoiding the freshman 15 is essential if you’re a broke college student who can’t afford to buy bigger clothes!

In order to make your college life easier, I have put together a list of essential items that every fit college girl needs to get before she heads off to college!

Every healthy college girl needs these things in her dorm room!

A Good Pair of Sneakers

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 12.10.28 PM.png

A good pair of sneakers should be the first thing on your shopping list. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a supportive pair of sneakers. No matter what workouts you plan on doing, having quality sneakers is a must.

A Cute Water Bottle


Staying hydrated is very important if you want to beat the freshman 15! I found myself forgetting to drink water if I didn’t carry a water bottle with me. Fill it up in the morning when you go to the shower and then keep it with you throughout the day!

PRO TIP: If you’re curious how much water you should be drinking while exercising, visit Camelbak’s Hydration Calculator. This calculator allows you to put in your age, gender, height, weight and some other personal information. After entering all of your info, the hydration calculator will tell you exactly how much water you should be drinking during your next rigorous activity!

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IMG_4358.JPGHeadphones are not only important for working out, they are also great for listening to music while you walk to class.

I always have a pair of headphones handy just in case I need to drown out all distractions in order to crank out some homework or work in class.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 12.17.05 PM.pngA Yoga Mat 

If you find yourself wanting to skip going to the gym, or you just don’t have time, having a yoga mat will come in handy!

There are many “dorm room” workouts you can find all over Pinterest. I have found that having a mat makes workouts in your dorm room much more comfortable.

IMG_4356.JPGA Baseball Hat

Often times I found myself running outside in the hot sun. Having a generic baseball hat will ensure that you protect your face and head from the sun and it will also make it easier to see.

Cute Workout ClothesIMG_4354.JPG

Workout clothes are essential if you decide to go to the gym. You never know who might be lifting weights as you walk in. I personally love Nike workout apparel. They have pretty reasonable prices and the material is amazing!

Make sure you have some super cute clothes and the rest should fall into place!

Sports Bras

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 12.20.15 PM.pngLadies, please, ALWAYS wear some kind of bra while you are working out. I cannot stress how awkward and uncomfortable it makes everyone else feel if you’re running on the treadmill without a bra on. I’m all for accepting our bodies but try to leave being braless for at home or dorm room workouts!

A Warm SweatshirtIMG_4359.JPG

You never know what the temperature might be when you decide to walk to the gym. I constantly found myself only having time in the early morning or late at night when it’s pretty cold out. Having a warm sweatshirt is a must for any healthy college girl!

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Melinda is our Healthy Living Editor and is currently a Junior Public Relations major at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. When she’s not in class or working part-time as a Social Media Intern, she can be found at the gym or going on a spontaneous Express shopping trip. Melinda loves interacting with others which has molded her into a leader on Champlain’s campus. She is currently the President of the National Society of Leadership and Sucess and the Historian for the PRSSA chapter on campus. You can connect with Melinda on her websiteLinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.




4 thoughts on “8 Things Every Healthy College Girl Needs

  1. These are such good tips! It’s so important to stay healthy in college! I found that getting wireless ear buds helped me get into the gym. I felt cool (even though they were $20 off of amazon) and I never had to worry about my cords getting tangled. It’s the little things that make a difference!


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