I hate the idea of majors. All of our skills, interests, and vocations being grouped into a single category? No, thank you.

However, since I can’t quadruple major – I can be a dancing, graphic designing, environmental science journalist, right?- I can’t stress the importance of taking those random classes whose descriptions intrigue and light your soul up a little bit. You know exactly the ones I’m talking about.

It’s that random, 2 credit, non-Gen Ed class that will turn you into the person you are meant to be. It’s the classes that let you chase your curiosity.

It's important to take classes that aren't required in college!

Okay, that might’ve been a little too deep, but seriously the new perspective gained is way worth the extra work. Guidance counselor approved. Curiosity is a beautiful thing and if you feel even a glimmer of it: CHASE IT.

It’s curiosity that sets CEOS apart from the average joe, leads to new discoveries in science, and sets you on your path to your most authentic self. The most successful, happiest people are those who treat their curiosity as a gift. If the thought of something feels you with that light and giddy feeling then that’s your curiosity dropping off a brown paper package, and you bet it’ll be tied up with strings.

So what exactly happens when you chase your curiosity?

You have zero stress.

Another bonus point of curiosity: there’s no pressure! In a world where you’re supposed to know your destined profession by age 18, it’s nice to explore something for the sake of exploring. You don’t have to enter the class worried that it’ll tell you your dream job (the one you’ve had since you were eight) isn’t actually for you.

Was your Criminal Behavior class far from Criminal Minds? First off, I’m sorry there was no Derek Morgan and secondly, whoops, get up and try something new!

That’s it. You don’t have to now re-evaluate your life plan.

You get to explore a little.

Don’t have any passions or big dreams to chase?

That’s okay, you’re not alone nor should you let those ‘dream big or go home’ Pinterest quotes make you feel bad about yourself! Take a breath and just follow those things that give you tiny specks of joy or interest. Let go of the immense pressure a ‘passion’ can carry and instead focus your energy on exploring. Avoid the ‘what’s your major’ question by talking about all the cool classes you’re taking!

Pro tip: your curiosity might just lead you to your passion or passions. CRAZY, right?

Even if you’re like me and think you know what you want to do, but secretly have commitment issues so dedicating your life to a single profession is terrifying; then this curiosity thing is still super beneficial to you too! Exploring different areas and skill sets really can help you figure out what you want to do with your life. It’s like taking a really accurate personality quiz only it’s in a classroom across campus.

You get to choose curiosity over fear.

I am a massive fan of Elizabeth Gilbert. If I had an obsessive personality you bet I would have dream boards (plural) dedicated to her. Although originally from Eat, Pray, Love fame, my favorite work of hers is her book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. As an aspiring creative, this is my bible.

Liz (I like to think we’re on a first-name basis) is a big fan of curiosity. Her advice on living a life filled with wonder and adventure is simple:

“Choose the path of curiosity over the path of fear.”- Liz Gilbert

Without sounding like a college recruiter, the college experience is truly a gift you should wholly immerse yourself into. If you’re afraid to take an interesting class because of the extra work or because it’s not your typical scene, then there’s no better time to start choosing the path of curiosity over the path of fear. If now’s not the time to grow and try new things, then when?

You have personal growth AND get to build your resumé?!

The cool thing about humans is that we have two sides to our brain (although brain lateralization may be a myth, just go with it). The most organized, technical, logical, thinker has that other side that is capable of dreaming and intuition. Don’t you dare think that you’re not able to learn how to code or aren’t artsy enough to take that painting class. It just takes a little courage to unveil what is hiding in the dusty corners of the other side of your brain.

(Hint: future employers love to see diversity in their candidates. The key to setting yourself apart from the sea of endless post-grads could be that weird certificate or minor you picked up)

Do your future self a favor and invest in a life of curiosity.

Whatever your heart is telling you to do: a class, a certificate, a minor, or to add another major JUST DO IT. You may surprise yourself a little bit and discover your most authentic self.

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetMegan Grace| Creative rambler with a restless mind. Creator of Wonderwarrior.com, a lifestyle blog that runs rampant with the thoughts and opinions of an overthinking nineteen year old.
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3 thoughts on “Why It’s Important to Take Classes That Aren’t Required

  1. I agree 100%. I am now a college junior and on my last general elective. I loathed them. Sciences were not my strong suit and so I hated being forced to choose between them. My OTHER general electives I fell in love with. I took philosophy, women in gender studies, movie classes, and more. Those classes expanded my knowledge by taking in information not involved with my journalism major. And who knows? A student can take a general elective out of spite and it be their new major.


  2. I totally agree with this blog post! I’m constantly back and forth with the rat race of college. I want to study all my interests but a major seems so strict to graduate in four years. I’ve recently decided to just do what feels right and what I’m interested in, even if that means taking the random extra credit hours!

    Xoxo Mikayla Jai


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