It can be difficult to kick your coffee habit, but we have some tips on how you can stop drinking coffee, if you need to!

How to Kick Your Coffee Addiction

Coffee: Is it good or bad? The world can never decide. Personally, I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t drink coffee. Totally kidding, but I think coffee is a delicious treat. It just becomes a whole lot less fun when you become addicted to it. If you are looking to get rid of your addiction to coffee, you are in luck cause your homegirl is going to help you out today. You are a strong independent woman and you don’t need no coffee!

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3 Amazing Ways to Get Away This Summer

College is full of a lot of things; classes, parties, exams, new friends, figuring out what you’re going to do with your life, career fairs, internships, wearing your swimsuit when all of your underwear has been worn and you just don’t have time to make it to the laundromat…  But one thing that people rarely talk about is getting away for the summer.  I’m not talking about backpacking around Europe, although with the tips and resources in this blog post, you can probably make that happen (as a graduation present to yourself).  I’m talking about that perfect summer job; one that takes you far away from home and your college town, takes you some place new and exciting, earns you money, and maybe even earns you college credit.

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9 Apps College Students Need to Download Right Now

Are you constantly struggling to find enough time for school, work, friends, studying and homework? I’m totally with you! Don’t sweat it – there are many apps that exist just to make your day easier. However, many students are not aware of these amazing apps. Here are 9 of my favorite downloads that can make college life easier.

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The College Girl’s Guide to Getting Started on Etsy

I’m sure you’ve heard about the absolute dream that is successfully selling on Etsy. Crafting in your pajamas? Not needing to work intensely long hours to make a few bucks? Actually having FUN? Sounds like some sort of made-up fantasy, right?

At 19, a year into college, I started an Etsy shop on a whim. I hand-painted a mug for my cousin’s birthday, and had a ton of fun making it… so I took the plunge and set up shop. I’m glad I did, because it ended up being SO much more of a success than I ever thought that it would be. During the second year, I was bringing in $4k/month in revenue, working only 5 hours a week.

That dream can be your reality. I’m serious. And I’m here to tell you how.

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10 Tips for Couples Who Marry Young

Are you thinking about marrying young? Check out these ten tips for couples who want to marry young...from someone who's totally been there!

My husband and I decided that we wanted to marry young. Him at 24 and me at 21. Some people were so excited for us to begin our new journey, others were wary of our decision and although they didn’t voice them, I could tell they had their doubts. Marriage isn’t all about a lavish wedding and happily ever after, so with that in mind, I thought I would give some tips for couples marrying young.

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How to Survive Your Desk Job Like A Boss

Even if you love your job, work can still be a little dull, especially if you're stuck at a desk all day. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to perk up your day!

This summer, I am working my first full-time job as a receptionist. Although I will be returning to my role as a full-time college student in the fall, it has actually been quite fun to get a glimpse into the “grown-up” world that is in my near future.However, I am experiencing some of the not-so-fun parts of working at a desk…like leg cramps and fatigue (#firstworldproblems).

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