The Young Hopeful always welcomes guest post submissions! We love to feature talented writers and showcase their work. If you think that you have advice or college tips, we want to hear them!

Because The Young Hopeful’s audience is widely 17-25 year old females, the majority of our articles are college-related, but we are also open to other topics that college-aged women would find helpful. Here are a few of posts that have performed incredibly well on The Young Hopeful:

Please check the archives to see what topics have already been covered, but we would love to hear other angles on previously written topics! Below are the guidelines for submitting an article for publication on The Young Hopeful:

  • has a minimum of 800 words
  • is written in a casual, conversational, yet informative tone
  • has shorter paragraphs and uses subheadings
  • is an original work that has not been published anywhere else (including your own blog)
  • does not include any affiliate links

While we cannot respond to every submission, we will contact you if your piece is chosen to be featured on The Young Hopeful.

16 thoughts on “Write for TYH

  1. I love reading your blog! I have been thinking about starting my own blog because I love to write and think about my experiences and yours was inspirational. You eloquently address topics in a concise and concrete matter. Thank you!


  2. Hey there you beautiful people!

    Quick question: if you submit a proposed article will you be notified if you were/weren’t picked?

    Thank you and this is an awesome idea to spread he goodness!


  3. Hi! I have found this blog extremely helpful! Thank you so much. Please check out my blog as I will be blogging about college tips and DIY’s as well as health/fitness 🙂


  4. Hello! Will we receive an email that our post has been chosen, as well as if it has not been chosen? Also, how long does this process normally take?
    Thank You,
    Emily Noelle


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