How to Get the Most Out of Your Financial Aid

Figuring out how to pay for college can be one of the most stressful parts. From student loans to grants to scholarships, it’s hard to figure out how to get the most bang for your buck, but we talked to some financial aid and admissions experts to get some tips on how to get the most out of your college financial aid package.

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How to Conquer Homesickness in College

Homesickness is a normal part of college, but it doesn’t have to rule your college experience. We talked to mental health professionals and college girls like you to find out what you can do to conquer homesickness in college!

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How To Make the Most of Your First Week of College

So, you’ve moved in, said goodbye to the family, and are now living the independent lifestyle of a college student…but now what? The first week of college can be one of the best, worst, and most stressful weeks of the year. The stress of making new friends, fearing you’ll eat alone in the dining halls, finding your way around campus, and getting along with your roommate all seem dreadful, but trust me. If you go into this with a positive mindset and follow my tips you’ll be able to handle the first week like a pro.

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6 Essential Strategies to Simplify Your Semester

Hi, friends! Another semester is coming upon us very soon. I’m excited, but nervous at the same time, since I’m now taking junior-level classes! Your semester doesn’t have to make you nervous, though. If you take advantage of these systems, you can use them to simplify your busy life. Here are some strategies you can use to make your semester go smoother.

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The Essential Guide to Dating in College

Many girls go into college with the expectation that dating will be a breeze and that they will leave with a ring on their finger. While that is definitely possible, the dating scene is not always easy to navigate. We talked to some girls who have been in your shoes, as well as some relationship experts to get the scoop on how to date in college.

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The College Girl’s Guide to Setting Goals

Whether you’re pumped to get back to school or wishing for 3 more weeks of summer, there’s something so special about the beginning of a new school year. Motivated to make this year the best year yet? Start off strong by being more intentional about achieving your goals than ever before! These six steps will help you set lofty goals and identify the actionable steps to help you achieve them. Plus, download my goal setting worksheet to follow along.

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8 Things Every Healthy College Girl Needs

Being a freshman in college can be pretty tough. I remember searching through Pinterest for hours trying to find the perfect dorm décor. Little did I know, half of the stuff I bought for my dorm room, I would never end up using! To this day, I still have pink bins full of excessive college dorm room décor sitting in my parents’ basement. It’s important that you buy the stuff you actually need – not just the cute stuff you happen to pass by in Target!

If you’re anything like me, one of your ultimate goals will be staying active and healthy while you’re in college. Avoiding the freshman 15 is essential if you’re a broke college student who can’t afford to buy bigger clothes!

In order to make your college life easier, I have put together a list of essential items that every fit college girl needs to get before she heads off to college!

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10+ Free E-Courses & E-Books for College Students

Learning doesn’t have to be limited to the classroom. There are so many awesome resources out there for college students, but not everyone has the time to search for all of them, so we did all the hard work for you! We scoured the web to find you 10+ free e-books and e-courses to make your college experience a little bit easier.

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