How to Get the Most Out of Your Financial Aid

Figuring out how to pay for college can be one of the most stressful parts. From student loans to grants to scholarships, it’s hard to figure out how to get the most bang for your buck, but we talked to some financial aid and admissions experts to get some tips on how to get the most out of your college financial aid package.

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The Essential Guide to Dating in College

Many girls go into college with the expectation that dating will be a breeze and that they will leave with a ring on their finger. While that is definitely possible, the dating scene is not always easy to navigate. We talked to some girls who have been in your shoes, as well as some relationship experts to get the scoop on how to date in college.

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How to Prepare for College in High School

Are you a high school student who is looking into how to prepare for your freshman year of college but who has no clue where to start? Getting ready for this big step in your life can be intimidating! Lucky for you, you’ve found this post! That means that you have the opportunity to learn exactly what you need to do in order to prepare for your freshman year of college in high school. Let’s get started!

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How to Find Your Path in College

If you are of college age, then you’ve probably been asked the following questions TONS of times. “What’s your major?” “What are you going to do with that degree?” “What’s your career path?”. And if you are like me, for a while, you didn’t know a good answer.

I began college as an education major, but I realized by the Spring semester that my heart loved something else. To preface all of this-it’s completely okay to enter college undecided as to what you want to major in, or what you want to do with your life. Heck, if you really wanted to, you could be undecided for quite some time and still be on track to graduate. By junior year you should have an idea, unless you want to spend more time in school.

So, whether we like it or not, you’ll eventually need to find your path in college. It’s hard. It’s frustration. It’s a loaded question full of pressure and stress-but it doesn’t have to be!

Here are some tips to help you find your path in college-and hopefully your passions as well!

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How to Make the Most of Your Summer Internship

Do you want to know what is one of the best feelings in the world? Walking across the stage at graduation with a job waiting for you. Want to know what’s even better? Having a job lined up in December when you graduate in May. I know this from experience. My client, we’ll call her Sarah, had a job offer in hand before Christmas from the company she interned for the summer before. #Goals, right?

When you’re an intern, you have two choices – you can skate through the summer just counting the hours until you can hit the beach after work and counting the days until you can go back to school, or you can make the most of your summer internship and set yourself up for success long before graduation.

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How to Get Inspired to Hustle in College

If you’re looking to be inspired, look no further! We’ve compiled some quotes that will motivate you to get your work done and added ten tips for getting focused. Sometimes, the last thing you feel like doing is studying, but you know you have to push on. Finals are coming up and you’ve already procrastinated for long enough. Let’s get to work!

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5 Ways to Never Miss an Assignment Again

Between freshman and sophomore year in college, there were always assignments that slipped my mind. Some didn’t make it into my planner. Others never made it out of the depths of the paper graveyard that I carried around in my over-packed messenger bag.

But, by the end of my sophomore year I decided that enough was enough. Too many easy A’s were being missed because of my lack of planning. So I did what every college student should do when faced with a problem, I asked for help. After working with an academic success coach, I was able to stay on top of EVERY assignment, stay organized throughout the semester and actually have some breathing time between classes instead of running to the crowed computer lab in an effort to force 1,000 words into a document to get 5 points of extra-credit. Please do yourself, your sanity and your GPA a favor by being proactive! Getting ahead and staying ahead of your assignments, projects and exams is totally doable with these 5 important and easy steps.

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Top 5 Myths Every Girl Hears in College

In college, we all have strong ambitions and are willing to believe anything and everything that a professor tell us.

And we follow it as a rule.

However, most of the things that they tell us are myths or stereotypes. These things should be forgotten right now so that you’re not stuck in practicing self-denial and living for societal expectations rather than your future.

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