5 Steps to Conquer Procrastination

If you’re anything like me, you’re a procrastinator. You complete your work and do it well, but not until right before class. This lifestyle can be exhausting, stressful, and unhealthy. Outgrowing the habit can be a challenge, so I am here to share with you the secrets to conquering your procrastination!

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The Biggest Lie About College – and 3 Steps to Change It

We hear things everywhere about what to expect in college. It’s going to be new, exciting, and sometimes scary. The one thing I think we hear the most from those who have walked the college path is the idea that “Your college years will be the best of your life”.

In my opinion, that’s a lie.

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How to Become a Multitasking Genius in College

You can become a multi-tasking genius with these tips!

As a college student, you may find it a challenge at times juggling a million things at once. College life is pretty tough as it is being a full time student having to deal with the everyday deadline assignments, exams, and even a social life. But it is even more challenging when you’re not only a full time student, but also raising a family, working two jobs, or have so many things coming to you all at once. So, how exactly do you fit in your homework?

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How to Become an Essay Writing Guru with 10 Educational Tools

Learn how to become an essay writing guru with these awesome tools that you'll wish you knew about years ago!

You want to become the leader in your class? You want to be an influential person who will make a difference in this world? Believe it or not, essay writing skills are closely intertwined with those goals of yours. If you master the art of academic expression, you’ll be able to present your opinions in an authoritative manner that will guide people towards a certain decision. They won’t even notice that you’re influencing their thinking patterns if you are able to provide a believable thesis and strong arguments.

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How to Maintain a Healthy Long Distance Relationship in College

Two years ago at this time, I remember frantically typing every combination of words equivalent to “can long distance in college work” into a Google search bar and feeling my stomach sink as every article and forum turned me to the answer I didn’t want to hear: no.

Now, halfway through college, I’ve made it my own little mission to give a glimmer of hope to the next generation of students using the Google search engine to answer life’s biggest questions. I want them to find a yes rather than no, because all hope is not lost! Here are my tips for maintaining a healthy long distance relationship.

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Top 10 Tools to Help You Write Papers Like a Boss

Top 10 online tools to help you write your college essays!

Are you struggling with essay writing? You are not alone. Everyone who has made an attempt in creating academic content knows how overwhelming this challenge is. Don’t worry; the Internet has a solution to every problem you face. In the continuation, you will discover the top 10 tools that will help you become a better essay writer.

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How to Conquer the Mid-Semester Slump

Beat the mid-semester slump of college with these awesome college tips and advice!

Ah yes, the dreaded mid-semester slump.

It’s something that seems to affect every college student at some point or another. One week you’re flying high, thinking that you have all of your classes under control, and then BAM! There goes your motivation out the window. If you don’t take action, your grades could suffer and no one wants that to happen!

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How to Overcome Shyness in College

College is a time to meet new people. Some students love the opportunity to start fresh with a new group of friends, but others cringe at the thought of having to build new friendships from scratch. It’s totally normal to be nervous about approaching new people, especially during your first semester. Here are some times to help you break the ice with your new peers.

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How to Avoid the Sophomore Slump

How to avoid the sophomore slump of college and enjoy every moment of your college experience!

Sophomore year is infamous for being the year that college students experience the “slump”. The glitz and glam of freshman year is over. You don’t get welcomed back to school with orientation and a million welcome week events. Classes also get more challenging and sophomores may find themselves taking on more units. They can often feel ignored, unimportant or just plain bored! This can cause them to fall into what is lovingly referred to as the “sophomore slump”.

Here are some tips to make sure to that you make the most of your college years…even your sophomore year!

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An RA’s Guide to Dealing with Roommate Conflict

roommate_newTips from a college RA about how to deal with college roommate conflicts and difficult roommates without going crazy!

As an RA, I have seen my fair share of roommate conflicts. Some of them can get pretty nasty, especially when dealing with freshman girls…yikes! Roommate conflicts are a common and very normal part of college life. Every has them in some form or another. It’s inevitable.

Luckily, if you do find yourself in the midst of a roommate conflict, hope is not lost! There are a lot of things that you can do to peacefully deal with roommate conflicts when they arise.

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