Our goal at The Young Hopeful is to help you thrive in college by giving you all the resources that you need to be successful! Here are some of our favorites…the best part is that they are all FREE.


StudyBlue – Study online flashcards and class notes at home or on your phone.

PurdueOWL – Find anything and everything you need to know about formatting, citations, research papers and more!

Mendeley – Your best friend when writing research papers! Make your own fully-searchable library in seconds, cite as you write, and read and annotate your PDFs on any device.

PaperRater – It’s simple…just copy and paste your essay and view detailed stats about word choice, grammar, spelling, and more!

PhotoMath – PhotoMath is a free mobile app that can read and solve mathematical expressions using a smart phone camera.

Thriving, Not Just Surviving – From getting along with roommates to impressing your professors, we’ve got you covered in this free 30+ page e-book!


Wunderlist – Wunderlist is a to-do list that you can take with you anywhere!

Trello – We LOVE Trello around here! The team uses it as an editorial calendar, but you can use it to organize pretty much any area of your life.

SelfControl  This app is literally a lifesaver if you are easily distracted by the internet. SelfControl blocks certain websites that can distract you and it can be programmed for a certain amount of time.

Healthy Living

MyFitnessPal – Track your food, exercise and more with this free health app!

WaterIn – WaterIn is a simple app to help remind you to drink water.


Mint – Manage your money, pay your bills and track your credit score. Available online and in the app store!

Venmo – Venmo is a free app that works as a digital wallet. It allows you to send and receive money from friends!

Splitwise – IOU’s are a thing of the past with Splitwise. This app allows you to add friends from your address book or set up a group to help your friends debts straight and easily payable.

Mental Health

7 Cups of Tea – 7 Cups of Tea is a free on-demand emotional health and well-being service. Anyone who wants to talk about whatever is on their mind can quickly reach out to a trained, compassionate listener through their network. They also have other resources, such as breathing exercises and group chats.

Calm – Feeling stressed? Relax with Calm, a simple mindfulness meditation app that brings clarity and peace of mind into your life.

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