Are you thinking about marrying young? Check out these ten tips for couples who want to marry young...from someone who's totally been there!

My husband and I decided that we wanted to marry young. Him at 24 and me at 21. Some people were so excited for us to begin our new journey, others were wary of our decision and although they didn’t voice them, I could tell they had their doubts. Marriage isn’t all about a lavish wedding and happily ever after, so with that in mind, I thought I would give some tips for couples marrying young.

Prepare for your marriage AND your wedding.

A wedding lasts one day. Marriage lasts a life time. Instead of getting caught up in napkin colours, seating arrangements and the DREADED guest list, take some time out to prepare for your marriage. You could get some pre marriage counselling, take a course or read a book together. My favorite book for this is Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married.

Don’t expect things to be easy.

No matter how hard you try, you really can’t prepare fully for marriage. Sometimes you’ll wake up and think you married an angel sent straight from heaven and other times… well, we won’t go there! Remember to stick it at. Some days may seem really bad, but remember that every sunrise is a new opportunity.

Learn about the love languages.

Figuring out what your spouse is saying in English can be hard enough sometimes but did you know that people also have love languages? These are how you show love to others, and how you feel loved by others. My top love languages are gift giving, words of affirmation and quality time, so if any of these areas are violated or neglected, I feel so too. Once you learn the love languages of each other, it makes it so much easier to show love how to your partner in a way that connects with them the most. Take the test to find yours here. (

Learn about the apology languages.

Just like the love languages, people consider different forms of apologies to hold different weight. Recently, my husband and I had a disagreement and although he said the words, I didn’t consider it an apology. Once you learn how each other values different apologies, making up becomes so much easier.

Remember to date your spouse.

Marriage is a lot of work and often bills, work, kids and whatever else can get in the way. Remember to set aside time with your spouse to go out for dinner or even watch a movie at home.

Get financially sorted.

And I don’t mean you need to be rich. Some people believe that you have to own a house, and have a great job to get married. You definitely don’t! At the time we got married, I was a student and so we lived off my husband’s income alone. Although you don’t need lots of money, you should have some good habits put in place. Decide with your partner how much of your incomes you want to spend, save and give away to save disagreements and to avoid financial problems down in the future!

Spend some time alone and with your own friends.

We all know that couple who get together and are never seen by their friends ever again. Don’t be them. Make time to hang out with friends and spend some time alone too. If you have hobbies and sports, don’t give up on them but prioritize them.

Find other married couples that you can talk honestly with.

Getting married young means that you might not have many friends that are married too. This is so important though! Having other married couples that you can talk honestly with both all together, and man to man, woman to woman is fantastic. A lot of couples go through very similar struggles. Knowing that you’re not alone and getting some advice is such a great help!

Learn to sacrifice.

A large portion of marriage is built on sacrifice. Don’t get scared about it either. Sacrifice can often come with negative connotations. Yes, you will have so give some things up to benefit your marriage, but the blessings far outweigh the disadvantages. Learn to willingly sacrifice things in order to bless your relationship.

Get ready for questions about pregnancy.

On a less serious note, if you’re young and get engaged, so many people assume you’re pregnant or at least want to be. I had so many people say to me that they bet I’ll have a baby by the end of the year, or implying that I was already pregnant. One lady even rubbed my stomach asking if there was a baby in there! Sorry to disappoint folks, no baby on the way yet. Smile and nod, the questions will never end.

I hope some of these tips were helpful for you all. Getting married young isn’t the easiest but has so many great benefits. I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Brittney is a 20-something farmer’s wife living somewhere near the bottom of New Zealand. In her spare time, you’ll find her crafting, baking, finishing off her home and (occasionally) helping on the farm. You can find her over at her blog, Ever So Britty, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

17 thoughts on “10 Tips for Couples Who Marry Young

  1. I just wanted to Thank you for the article. Me and my fiance are not yet married I am 19 and he is 21 (we plan on getting married further down the line when we are stable our ideal wedding will be no time soon). We have known eachother for a little over 3 years now and we have been talking about marriage for as long as I remember. its comforting to see that young marrigaes do survive in a world where they are looked down on I hope my future family is just as blessed as yours.


  2. Love this! I’m in year three of my marriage. We got married at 22 and 23, which I don’t regret for a second. These are spot on. Thanks for linking up!!


  3. Wonderful tips, thank you for sharing! I will be 24 when I marry my fiance this september and people have made comments about my being young and that we moved quickly (it will have been 2 years together on our wedding day). I feel confident that we already do the majority of these things but I will still be pinning this to remind myself to stay on top of it!


  4. Hi Brittney, I’ve just been poking around the site and came across this post – a great read, I hadn’t come across apology languages before! But I read your bio and was surprised to find that your a Kiwi too! It was exciting to read that you are also from the bottom of the country and living on a farm – I am too :O (although I study in a city)
    Cheers for your post and all the best with your marriage and reno xo


  5. me and my fiance decided to marry 2 years ago he paid lobala(bride price or dowry) april this year so in our culture we are officially married and we have a 3 year old son. we have lived without friends since he proposed i do have a best friend but we hardly see each we just chat.

    me and him are great together.. we just isolated ouselves from people

    i wish we could have more friends go out more … worry less about money im now 24 and hes 29 we’ve lived 3 years of our lives isolated from people and now i feel the need to go out more and have fun . im just scared this will have an effect in our marriage.

    please help


  6. I am a newly wed. I got married at age 19, my husband age 24. Honestly, I have some really hard days and some good ones. Because I am currently a student and I am living off my husband income at times I feel less of a lady because am not providing. I just don’t know how to deal with that especially when we have arguments, my mind is like telling me all those negative things to make me feel like I had made a mistake. But I am pressing on holding onto my vows and trying to make this work.


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