Learn how to thrive and survive your college finals week!

It’s that time of year again…finals are creeping up on us, but don’t you worry your pretty little mind! I’ve scoured the internet for some of the best articles to help you survive finals weeks and gathered them here JUST for you.

9 Things to Bring on Your Next Library Study Binge (Life as a Dare)

If you’re planning on heading to the library for a major studying sesh soon (I know I am!), then you have to check out Rebecca’s extensive packing list. She included some things that I would never have thought of!

Pushing Past Academic Plateaus: How to Study in College (Dani Dearest)

It can be pretty difficult to figure out how to study, especially if you did not study very much in high school, but Dani cover some great ideas and techniques for studying in college.

Preparing for College Exams: Tips That Really Work (Chase the Write Dream)

Tori gives some great tips on how to prepare for any college exam. BONUS: she has some super awesome ideas on how to get more information from your professors about the test.

How to Write the Perfect College Essay (Sara Laughed)

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it feels like I have more final research papers than finals these days! But don’t fret, Sara has the perfect guide to essay writing from start to finish.

Self-Care for College Students (The Traveling Curl)

I am a huge proponent for self-care in college, especially around the time of finals. It can be so easy to let our own needs go out the window when we’re trying to write 14 papers in two weeks, but Gwynn has some great tips on how to take just a little bit of time for you!

How to Write College Papers That Will Dazzle Your Professors

Last, but not least, this post outlines some do’s and don’ts of essay writing in college, as well as some awesome resources to make it just a little easier!

What do you do to prepare for finals week?



8 thoughts on “How to Survive and Thrive During Finals Week

  1. Super helpful, I really needed this now, and I stumbled upon it by pure accident! Your blog is a breath of fresh air, with witty texts and really good visuals! Not to mention it’s quality and relatable content! XX


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