Are you wanting to improve your grades, increase your GPA, and just feel altogether more prepared in college? If so, then you need to start doing these five daily grade-boosting habits. These are simple techniques that you can do every day that can really help you to improve your grades and your life.

These 5 simple daily tricks can help you boost your college GPA and get those grades that you've always wanted!

1. Read class notes before bed

The first way you can increase your grades is by reading your class notes every night before you fall asleep. Studies have shown that the brain takes the most recent memories of the day and stores them in long term memory. This means that you will have a better chance of recalling your notes if you study them a little before bed each night. If reading all of your notes before bed is too big of a task, just try going over the last lecture notes in each class every night.

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2. Study in advance

I am a firm believer in the power of studying in advance. This is one thing that always helps me to do better on my exams. Whether it’s the hardest test of the year, finals, or whatever, this technique never fails. My favorite thing about studying in advance is that it helps me to become familiar with the notes so that I can avoid late night cramming when the test comes. This girl is not a night person! Studying in advance also really helps to eliminate stress.

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3. Be productive when studying

When you start studying, you need to make sure that you are actually being productive with your time. Make sure that you are paying attention to what you are reading. Try to keep your phone out of sight and out of mind. Turning your phone on moon mode will really help with this. Remember that everyone’s brain works differently, so, be sure that you are using study techniques and tools that help you. Don’t just study one way because that’s how everyone else does it. Study in whatever way works best for you.

4. Wake up early and make a plan

I know this one is a little painful for those of you who are not morning people, but try waking up fifteen minutes earlier to go through your plan for the day. You can make a list of things you need to do, look over notes, check your emails, etc. Waking up early and making a plan will help you feel more prepared for the day ahead which will then lead to more effective classes, studying, and better test grades.

5. Recite notes out loud

Studies show that reciting your notes out loud helps you to retain more information. Who am I to argue with science right? So next time you study, try reciting your notes out loud. If it appears to help you, then keep it up for future studying!

I hope you these daily grade-boosting habits help you through your classes. You’ve got this, girl!

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46 thoughts on “5 Daily Habits That Will Boost Your GPA (+ Free Checklist!)

  1. I love this! I am not a night person either- when it comes to sleep or cramming, I always pick sleep.Maybe studying in advance means I won’t have to make that choice so often anymore! But, that’s easier said than done… 😦 Do you have any tips for avoiding procrastinating?


    1. Hey! So I’ve never been a huge procrastinator, but that is because I always know what needs to be done and when. I also tutor time management at my school. What I have found really works for me is to compile all of my assignments listed on the syllabus into one excell document listed by date. I separate the weeks by each Sunday with a black row so I can see what absolutely needs to be done. I put the date in first column, the class in the second column, assignments in the third,fourth, and fifth columns, and the grade I received on that assignment. Each row is a different class, so you can have the same date in a different row for a different class. I put them in the order they occur. So if I have chem before bio. The first row would read (Jan 1; Chem; assignment 1; assignment 2; assignment 3) the second row would be (Jan 1; bio; assignment 1-3) the semi colon indicates the column change in the row. I also color code the type of assignment (red for test, yellow for homework, white for optional reading (I only read if I have time), purple for presentations/projects, and blue for quizzes. Do this as soon as you get your syllabi for all your classes. For 5 classes it usually takes about 2.5 hours to compile it all into the spreadsheet, but it is well worth it, because you can look at it every day and see exactly what your week will look like. What I usually ask myself every week: 1. Is my social life busy this upcoming week? If it is I try and do a little more this week so I can start into next week ahead of time. 2. There is a lot to do. How do I get it all done? This is where I tell my tutorees about planning a study schedule. These are times that you treat like class time. You don’t skip class, so you shouldn’t skip study time. I use the term study loosely because I do my homework and papers during this time. If you look on your spreadsheet and see that you have a paper due in three weeks start looking at sources three weeks away. Do your rough draft the second week, and make sure you have a final draft the weekend before it is due. I am a firm believer of doing less during the week, particularly stressful weeks with lots of assignments. If you pick 5 hours a week to finish assignments and get ahead, while referring to your spreadsheet, you will never procrastinate again. Hope this helps. Good luck!


      1. I’ve been a procrastinator my whole life and this spreadsheet idea is absolutely amazing. Definitely doing this in the Fall.


  2. Heey!
    I found you blog on pinterest and I really like it. I read most of your post today and they have really good (and not too obvious) tips. I really like the layout and everything. I really hope you keep up the writing.
    Greeting from the Netherlands,

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  3. I just found your blog and I’m loving it! I’m currently a High School Senior and am getting ready to finish up the year and head off to college! I can tell that your blog is going to be very helpful! I loved this post too. I especially liked the statement you made about studying the way that works best for you instead of like everyone else is. I never really thought about how we tend to copy the “cool” way to study. That’s a cool new perspective on the task of studying that I will definitely keep in mind!


  4. I definitely wish these tips existed when I was working on finals these last few weeks! But I’ll totally be keeping them in mind for my next semester. Also, I’d like to feature this post in a December Blog Post Roundup tomorrow, if that’s alright! You’ve got some fabulous tips — especially the “reciting out loud” bit… I think it’s a majorly underrated strategy! Thank you for the post!
    – Alexa


  5. I just found your blog on Pinterest and I loooove it! I’m still in high school but I’m also in my sophomore year of college and I’ve been struggling these last two semester but with your tips I think I’ll strive this semester! Again, love your blog 😊💕


  6. I am a college instructor and I love these ideas. Going to share this post with my students in Spring 2016. Sometimes hearing it from another student makes a bigger difference than hearing it from me. Helpful stuff here! Thanks!


  7. These are such great tips! I definitely find that reading my notes out loud works really well for me – I’ve even been known to make songs out of them! As a psychology major, many of my large classes have mostly multiple choice tests and this strategy really helps me out for those, in particular. Remembering a tune and some lyrics is much easier (and more fun!) for me than trying to memorize page after page of written info.


  8. Hey
    Starting up with , I’m that type of person who study before the test with one day and I really hate this and I need your help to change this.
    Idk how to engage myself in studies for long so I really need your help in this 🙏. I just sometimes don’t feel like studying ,and I really wanna change that please help me


    1. Hey Bella,
      I can tell you seem a little discouraged.
      But I also see a very good sign in your comment as well! You are not giving up! Congratulations! Don’t be too hard on yourself. I too was that person sometimes in high school. . . I would pull all nighters left and right! (Which obviously didn’t help my grades in the long run… but I was just so terrified of getting a bad grade, that I could not sleep) I had always “planned” to make time to study, but something else “just as important” always showed up to take its place. I was a huge procrastinator, but never would have admitted it at the time. I did end up graduating highschool after all, but I wish I could have sought out some help as you are.
      Reflecting on my own struggles, I have some questions for you. . .
      ●Do you love the classes you are taking?
      -if not, you should try to find a way to like them. Try to come up with five reasons why you love each class you are taking. It could be something as little as liking the outfit your instructor is wearing, or something as profound as taking this class will help you later in life because of a. ,b. , & c. … maybe try taking the class for the sake of some one you know and love.
      ● Do you have a mentor or teacher who you can go to when things get tough or you feel unmotivated or overwhelmed? It is very good and actually very necessary to have someone inspiring that you can go to for encouragement advice and support. Sometimes even an older student
      who is balanced and not easily stressed can be helpful. You have to know that you are not alone.
      ●Do you have a pleasant atmosphere to study in?
      -get ahold of some yummy snacks to eat just for when you are studying (or for right after, if that works better for you 😉 )
      Do not eat these at any other time!!
      And if you are worried about gaining weight, there are plenty of healthy alternatives that are still super yummy!
      Maybe play some relaxing music without words…
      Turn on your diffuser with your favorite essential oils…
      Maybe study with a friend
      Is there a special place you can go to study? Maybe a nice quiet place outside or inside?

      •••••••••• Last little thing for you Bella,••••••••
      try to look up at the sky as often as you can each day, and remember… you can’t be perfect, so don’t try too hard. Just do what you can.
      Hope these tips can help you out Bella!
      Chin up!


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