It’s every college student’s dream to have the perfect schedule, where you only have a couple of classes and then you are free for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for most people. Most students usually end up with awkward gaps in their schedule. But don’t worry…I’ve got you covered so you’ll never have to be bored!

Learn what to do with that awkward amount of time iin between your college classes and beat boredom in college!

Watch Netflix.

I probably don’t even need to tell you this one. 😉 (psst…tweet me and let me know what you’re watching on Netflix right now…I’m looking for a new show to binge-watch!)

Find a cool hidden gem on campus.

I don’t know about your campus, but I have found SO many super awesome spots that not every many people know about! Go exploring & find those hidden gems. Ask around and see if anyone knows about a cool spot. You never know what you might find!

Take a power nap.

Power naps are proven to be effective and make your more productive. They can be very powerful if used correctly, so why not use a break in between classes to power up with a nap?

Do homework.

Seems like a no-brainer, but honestly it can be so hard to be motivated to get homework done during this time. But, in between classes is the perfect time to get cracking at your homework! This can give you extra time later in the evening to hang out with your friends, go to the gym, cuddle up with the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy…or do more homework.

Visit a professor.

If you are struggling in a class, go visit your professor and talk to them about it! Most professors or TAs have office hours and would be glad to help you. No matter how intimidating they seem, your professors are there to help you succeed.

Get an on campus job.

Working on campus is a great way to not only kill time between classes, but also to gain job experience for after graduation. Most colleges have a career center that would be more than happy to help you find a job on campus, whether it be in athletics shagging balls, in the registrar’s office filing paperwork or in admissions giving campus tours!

Join a club.

In high school, you may have only had a limited number of clubs, but in college the sky is truly the limit. From knitting club to medieval club, there is sure to be something that interests you! And hey, if there’s not a club that interests you, why don’t you create one?!

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Take care of any business that you need to.

Do you have registration paperwork that you’ve been putting off turning in? Do you have a financial aid question? Make the trek to their office and get everything taken care of all in one fell swoop.

Work out.

Most colleges have fitness centers or gyms that are free for students to use. Check out the facilities and see what it’s all about! While you’re working out, why don’t you check out our latest favorite song, Cherry Street by The Icarus Account? It’s the perfect sunny song for a run!

Get that laundry done.

Let’s face it. College students hate laundry, but it has to be done at some point. What better time to get it out of the way than in between Anthropology and Physical Science?

Have a little snack.

Because let’s be real. Any time is a good time for a snack.

Check your campus email.

This is something that a lot of college student neglect to do, but it is actually super important. Most of the departments and offices on campus use it to communicate time-sensitive info to students.

Go shopping.

If you have a really large chunk of time, take advantage of it by heading out and buying those essential college items that you may have ran out of. Like shampoo, Red Bull and Top Ramen.


26 thoughts on “14 Things To Do In Between Your College Classes

  1. You literally covered everything that a girl could do between classes. It is well known that people at my university nap on the benches, especially the benches in the basement of our student center! Seriously, so comfy. I personally prefer to find a table to sit out and crank out homework assignments, study, and write my blog posts.

    And random question, but what do you use to add fonts to your photos? I’d love to have a black or white block around my letters but I can’t figure out how to do it.



      1. I use Canva actually and I love it! I just can’t figure out how to add the white around my text like what you have. How do I do that? I’m so not tech savvy!


  2. Probably good ideas most places. Tech schools however typically dont have jobs for students. No coffee shops :p there wont be a place to nap unless your one of the lucky (in this case) 200 who was able to move into student housing. And, unless you live in campus you wont be able to do laundry beteeen class’s ( bummer, i always wanted to sneek in a load between lit and c++.

    You could also read for fun. Give yiur brain a break from the “study” type reading its been doing

    Over all still perfectly good things to do with the awkward free time between class.


  3. These are all great things! Here is what I do between classes: work on my side hustles (blogging + freelance writing), study, take advantage of the FREE tea/coffee/snacks, listen to music, meditate and/or meditate. I really love your website! So many great tips.


  4. I highly recommend making new friends and contacts every chance you get – it will prepare you well for life after college! Take that time to meet people outside your own circles. Sit in on a friend’s class, and introduce yourself to other students and to the professor. Chat with campus staff over coffee. Join a club and get involved.


  5. so inspiring thank you so much i have some ideas that you didn’t mention so what about reading a book maybe you teacher recommend it , or listening to music whatever that makes you relax between classes and boost your energy


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